These days, sustainability is an increasingly hot topic; we all want to do our part to help the environment! 


Being conscious of your eco-footprint is an important aspect of protecting the planet. Recently, many couples have incorporated sustainability into their weddings, making their marriage a celebration of their relationship and the wonderful world they live in. 


This article explores the top tips and tricks that you can use to make your own wedding an eco-friendly event and a unique day to remember!


If you are in the initial stages of planning your big day, chances are you are considering who you would like to invite and what your invitations will look like. From an ethical standpoint, using fewer materials produces less waste and, thus, a cleaner world. 


With this in mind, reflect on whether physical paper invitations are right for you. Though they can be cute mementos for your guests, they are not necessary and will also increase your wedding’s carbon footprint through their delivery. 


Digital invitations are an alternative option that is becoming very popular, especially during the pandemic. You can e-mail your invitations to your prospective guests with ease and still maintain all of the creativity and information you would include in a paper invitation. 


If you really want to have physical invitations, why not use recycled materials to create them? This is an eco-friendly compromise where you can use the traditional invitation format but reduce your wastefulness. 


If you want to prevent excess waste, you should opt for cash alternatives to wedding gifts. A lot of the time, we receive thoughtful but useless presents from our friends and family that all require delivery, wrapping and then space in our homes. This is clearly not the most eco-friendly option. 


Fortunately, companies like Our Nuptial Chest provide an easy and secure service to create a cash gift registry online. Instead of collecting unwanted trash and items, you can digitally request monetary gifts from your loved ones that can then go towards what matters to you most. It is so simple yet so effective, and it helps our planet!


Similarly, if you can, it is good to select a venue closest to the majority of your guests. Though a flashy wedding abroad sounds ideal, the amount of transport necessary means that you will increase pollution. By choosing a venue closer to home, you will reduce your carbon footprint and it will most likely be less expensive for everyone!


Moreover, wearing second-hand dresses and suits has become a huge trend recently. Saving materials while enjoying the novelty of wearing a unique, pre-loved dress is a win-win. 


You can also donate your dress after your wedding so that the cycle continues and another lucky bride can look her best on her big day. This option is eco-friendly and also a great way to save your pennies.



Upcycled decor has also become popular in recent years and is an eco-conscious furnishing option for weddings. From re-painted second-hand chairs and tables to old fabrics repurposed as streamers and bunting, you can piece together a rustic yet stylish theme for your wedding. 


If you are not keen on DIY tasks and the extra work involved in upcycling furniture, there are several ethical companies that hire out pre-loved items to decorate your wedding venue. Make sure to book a consultation or at least get in touch with the business you are interested in to confirm that their practices and supplies are eco-friendly! 


We hope you have been inspired by our eco-friendly wedding ideas! Let us know your favourite tip or your own ideas on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).