A large part of being engaged and preparing for your wedding is bonding with your friends. As a bride-to-be, there are many tasks on your to-do-list that need to be completed. Why not enlist the help of your besties and create some lasting memories at the same time? 


Welcome to our Bride-To-Be series, where we will provide you with our top tips for making the most of your wedding planning days! Be sure to check back each week for a fabulous new article!



Firstly, do your friends know that you are engaged yet? If not, you should definitely let them know! Whether you want to tell them one by one or plan a group gathering to reveal the news, it is important to keep your friends in the loop. This is an exciting revelation for everyone, and your nearest and dearest will want to support you throughout the whole experience. Make your engagement period one to remember by getting your friends involved from the very beginning.



Of course, throughout planning your wedding, there will be several mini-occasions to have a laugh with friends. It is key to decide who you want to be around when selecting a venue, trying on wedding dresses and more. Choose the people you know have your back and will make a potentially intimidating experience more relaxing and enjoyable. On the other hand, ensure that you have the final say in matters and that your friends are there for support, not to micromanage your big day!



The moment that you find your perfect wedding dress is one to treasure. Having your best friends around you at that time makes the memory even more special, so try and organise your dress shopping to be at a time when everyone is available. It would be a shame for a close friend to miss out on this pivotal occasion, especially when there’s champagne on the cards!


Ultimately, all of your hard work will lead up to your wedding day. For the event, you will most likely have a bridal party there to help and celebrate with you. Whether you will have bridesmaids, a maid of honour and/or flower girls, make sure those in your party are alerted well in advance so that they can prepare for their role in the wedding! Perhaps organise a special meeting to break the news to them and capture the look on their faces with a few sappy pictures. You will find that these moments will strengthen your relationships and assure you that these are friendships for life!

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